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We strive to create high quality and engaging content for our numerous digital media platforms. From social media websites like YouTube and TikTok to our own web presences and blogs, Hearth Media Group is commited to educating our viewers about any topic they are interested in.

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Tanker Man 3000

YouTube Channel

Tanker Man 3000 is a channel focused on Hypixel Skyblock guides and update content.


TikTok Account

TodaysTechNews brings fast and simple technology news to a global audience every single day.

The Bazaar

YouTube Channel

TheBazaar is a channel focused on Hypixel Skyblock money making content and fast, simple tutorials.

Top Games Guides

YouTube Channel

Top Games Guides is a channel focused on fast and easy guides on every game possible, from small indie games to the most popular games in the world.


TikTok Account

TodaysPolitics brings clear, unbiased news about worldwide political issues to viewers every single day.



SkyblockGuides is the #1 website for Hypixel Skyblock content on the internet.

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We work with brands on sponsored integrations and dedicated videos to help them achieve their marketing goals.

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